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Facial Blushing Treatment: Top 3 Cures Reviewed

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I thought i would try out the top 3 facial blushing treatments and cures for you so you are not lead on by cheesy promotions or fancy gimics! I personally tried out all of these and i reviewed them below. Hopefully this will be the last place you have to look for a solution to your facial blushing forever!!

Facial Blushing Treatent 1: (4 Stars)

In Blushing Breakthrough Jim Baker introduces his detailed method for overcoming social anxiety and stopping facial blushing. There are four basic steps to this method. Each of these steps is covered thoroughly, so you won’t be left hanging, wishing you had more information.

1. Understanding: Your problem may seem insurmountable. However, if you properly understand the biology and physiology of the issue, you will realize that it is anything but.

2. Control Your Mind: The mind is the most important organ in the body. You’ll find some simple steps to slowly take control of your own mind and tell it that you don’t have a problem.

3. Control Your Body: You may think that facial blushing is mainly a mental problem, but as you know the mind and the body are intricately connected! Here, you’ll find some tips to use your body as a tool for curing facial blushing.

4. The Next Level: You should never stop learning and improving yourself. In here, you’ll find some pointers for taking your newly-developed social skills to the next level and become the social butterfly you always wanted to be.

It thought me that all of our time on this earth is precious and to stop wasting it by being anxious and blushing. Read this book, practice the steps and you’ll be able to take advantage of your time sooner than you thought.

Find out more about the Blushing Breakthrough method at The Blushing Breakthrough

Facial Blushing Treatment 2: (3 Stars)

How to stop blushing - the audiobook

This is a good is incredibly deep, honest and shows in depth how facial blushing, deemed irrelevant by those who have never suffered, can devastate lives. There approach to solving this problem is very structured, methodical and makes perfect sense. I started to implement the changes needed....already I can see big improvements in how I handle the daily challenges this problem throws at me.

But to be honest with you i didnt love this! It was a little bit wishy washy if you know what i mean. It is just an audiobook, which is good, but i would have loved an ebook aswell. Some of the instructions were not crystal clear. Compared to the other two facial blushing treatments this just didnt stand up for me so hence the rating!

But you can still check it out here if you want: How to stop blushing

Facial Blushing Treatment 3: (5 Stars).....This Ones My Favorite!!

While looking for something to help myself through this problem I had of horrible facial blushing, I came across 'Stop Blushing... Start Living' over at The Stop Blushing Cure.

Now typically I'm not easily sold on "one page" websites, maybe it was my desperate attempt to find an actual "cure" for m facial blushing, but after reading what the author went through, I felt like she was talking about me. Call me an easy target, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't impressed with her personable and honest approach. So out of a desperate attempt to get my life back, I eagerly clicked on the 'buy it now' button and reached for my plastic savior!

The e-book itself is very detailed in its approach and has approximately 49 pages of actual content in total. It deals with every aspect of facial blushing in separate sections, so it's very easy to find what you are looking for. Right from the beginning it talks about different scenarios in which you might get really uncomfortable in regards to your problem with facial blushing. In all honesty, you feel like you're reading sections of your life in this eBook, which really built my confidence towards the book itself. It's not often I feel that I can talk to people about this problem, let alone feel like I can relate to someone who knows exactly what I'm going through. This itself was refreshing, in fact I felt I was being healed already! Ha-ha, don't worry though, there's more to it than this.

By the time I reached the everyday possible facial blushing causes part I was really amazed as to how well researched the book was. It had more than 50 possible causes which could cause facial blushing; I never knew that eating spicy food could have an effect on facial blushing! It also gave information about the various dangerous diseases that had excessive facial blushing symptoms. It also brought a smile to my face when I got to know that people who blush a lot are more intelligent than people who do not, I thought Thank God, at least something positive comes from this!

There's at least one silver lining to facial blushing. It deals with the physiology of facial blushing like a real pro, not getting too complicated while explaining as to how and why facial blushing occurs; it takes care of people like me who really have no knowledge of how the human body works.

While talking about the various treatments for facial blushing it gives you detailed information about each facial blushing treatment you can take and highlights there positives and negatives so that you can make a proper decision for yourself. It has just about every type of facial blushing treatment that you can think of right from home remedies to surgeries to medicinal treatments like beta blockers and hemorrhoid creams. It even talks about an unconventional and a new way of tackling facial blushing i.e. Hypnosis/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for this it comes with an audio program which instructs you to utilize hypnosis to get rid of your facial blushing problem. It also explains how acupuncture can also help you with blushing and gives you an in-depth view of the various types of acupuncture techniques that you can try and which one will be the best for you.

It speaks clearly that you should be prepared with all the answers before visiting your doctor, as that will prevent misdiagnoses. It also spells out clearly that anxiety disorders and phobias may also be a cause for your blushing and what you can do to fight these. In the end it talks about how your life will change when you will conquer blushing, it sets out goals that keep you motivated to get rid of your blushing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has been looking for ways to get rid of his or her facial blushing. Even if you are not, give this book a try, it's an interesting read and you will not regret it. It's 10 on 10 from my side for this eBook. I've never come across anything like this before, so it is quite unique, not something that you can easily find at your local bookstore, that's for sure. So for anyone suffering from facial blushing, for whatever reasons, this e-book will give you an in depth analysis as to why you are suffering and how to stop that facial blushing Forever!

I walked away with several facial blushing treatments from this eBook that I currently apply to my life now, but I feel that even without reading the eBook, a person would still benefit tremendously from the hypnosis audio program alone! Even before listening to the hypnosis program included in my purchase, I was already a strong believer in hypnosis therapy. In fact I used hypnosis to help me stop smoking, it worked with successful results. Hypnosis is a powerful technique in aiding all types of addictions, bad habits and other personal struggles we may feel are beyond our control. Therefore, when I read that this product included a hypnosis audio, I was sold instantly.

I'm not saying this thing will work to cure facial blushing in every single case, but with all the different methods discussed throughout the book, not to mention the hypnosis program, I honestly think there's a very good chance that it will in fact work for you simply because it worked for me! So if you are indeed suffering from blushing, it is my firm recommendation that you give this eBook a shot! For a measly 37 bucks followed with their iron clad guarantee, it's virtually risk free. And just imagine what your life will be like when you are finally free! Here is where you can get it:
Stop Blushing Cure

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    Thanks so so so much for this great review, I purchased the 3rd facial blushing treatment as you recomended and it is the best decison i have ever made.

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