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Facial Blusing Treatments: 2 Simple Steps

Facial Blusing Treatments: 2 Simple Steps

Author: Tomas Clark

One of the most important factors for overcoming your facial blushing is for you to fully understand why it is we blush in the first place. Your has been hard wired over thousands of years to fear what we dont know. If your mind wanted to tell your body that it is unfimilar with the situation infront of it, and it wanted to take as much information in, then it would send a rush of blood to all the sensery organs.
This would include the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, basically it sends a whole load of blood to the face. Unfortunatly, this is a daily occurance in the modern day as we are constintly put in changing situations your body has not been used to.A conversation with a new boy or girl you like. Making a mistakes and being shouted at are all totally unique situations and varey every day.
So what can you do about all this? Is there anything we can do? Well the answer is Yes! It is a two fold operation as far as i am concerned regarding facial blushing treatment.
First you must conquer your mind. It sounds a bit complicated but it is alot easier then it sounds. You can overthink the situation be shy and be overcome with facial blushing or you can say i am just going to be myself. I am going to do what i have always done. This way you are then working within a situation your body is used to and you will be in control of your facial blushing. A great aid in controlling how you think are programs that have hypnotherapy courses.
Second you must control your body. I find a few simple tricks work with this. Taking long, slow, deep breaths befors facing situations were facial blushing may be an issue. Also a healthy diet and regular excercise and invaluable.
These are just a few tips that i have been using along side complete treatments, and i can tell you that if you implement some of the steps you will end facial blushing forever!

If you are like me then you are unsure of what product to put your trust in and don't want to spend weeks on a cure only to find it doesn't work, well i have taken all the guess work out for you. I personally reviewed the top 3 cures available on the market so you can find out everything you need to know before deciding on which treatment to take. I strongly suggest you check out the review: Facial Blushing Treatment Top 3 cures reviewed. It will save you weeks of effort and having to spend your hard earned money on scams and frauds don't get cheated by scams and check out the review now.

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Confessions of a Nervous Public Speaker

From as far as I can remember I always had a problem with public speaking. I remember when I was in school everybody would participate in annual functions and allocations while I used to sit in a corner of the class hoping that the teacher doesn't see me and call me to speak on the stage. I always tried to break free of this but I just couldn't.  This problem came with me to college; I couldn't take part in dramas or answer questions properly in the class. When I saw all the faces that were looking at me when I was going to speak a panic attack used to hit me. I couldn't see them eye to eye.

Stop Blushing Cure

As I talked to my friends about my problem, I got to know that fear of public speaking is not so uncommon and everyone has it in their lifetime at one time or the other. Some people are able to get over it very easily, whereas some people like me get stuck with this problem for a long time. After talking to my friends I realized that, if I had properly faced my problem in school itself I would not be having the problem here in college.

Then I decided to join some of the communities who had students like me, who had a problem of public speaking and started working on my problem, slowly working my way up. There are also various books that I consulted that helped me to get over this problem, they provided good information and allowed me to be at home and still work at my problem. One of those books was an eBook called Stop Blushing...Start Living taught me about how to control my blushing during a panic attack.  It also explained the physiology of blushing very well.  I realized that I didn't just have an anxiety disorder, like my doctor once told me, but that I actually had Erythophobia, which is a fear of blushing.   The very thought of having to do anything publicly wasn't just a fear of public speaking like I always thought it was, it was actually Erythophobia. 

Stop Blushing Cure

You see Erythophobia is when you are nervous and anxious even before the situation you are stressed out about is happening, because you know even before it happens that you are going to blush and turn all red, you are going to be nervous, your heart will race, you are going to sweat and shake, and on and on.  I was basically setting myself up for failure even before it happened!  I was scared and nervous because I knew I was going to be scared and nervous!  I knew I was going to look like a tool and feel so embarrassed about it, that I was panicking about it even before it happened.  

Anyways, needless to say, I can now talk in front of other people now without the worries of blushing and all the other symptoms that came along with it.  I simply don't blush anymore and Im not scared of blushing anymore because I know how to literally stop my blushing before it happens.  The techniques that the ebook taught me were great.  Some of the things discussed in the book were common sense, and sure, some stuff I already knew, but ultimately I did learn specific exercises that stops me from blushing today. 

I would recommend it to anyone who has this problem.  Especially if they think they have a fear of public speaking!   I think this ebook is perfect for people with a fear of public speaking, in fact I think it should be called how to be an expert public speaker! After I read this ebook and conquered my blushing problems, my public speaking just wasn't an issue for me anymore.  And man oh man, is that ever a great feeling!   

Now if I could only build up the confidence to start video blogging :P

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Anxiety Attack or Erythrophobia?

Anxiety attacks are pretty common nowadays among the general public, but if you are suffering from constant anxiety attacks with severe symptoms listed below, it's advisable to get it checked out by a doctor immediately. For getting it properly diagnosed its essential that you get it checked by a professional with enough experience in the field. First thing that you have to understand is that anxiety attacks are a pretty common disorder and that you do not have to be ashamed of yourself. Before going to the doctor make sure to make a list of the symptoms that you are encountering while you are having an anxiety attack.

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The most common problem faced is that patients don't want to get their symptoms checked as they fear it might be due to some serious medical condition, and they also worry about the general perception about them if they go on to seek the treatment.  Taking care of your anxiety disorder doesn't have to take years, your health care specialist can provide you with enough proven techniques to get rid of your anxiety attack symptoms. According to various concerned authorities, sudden and intense onset of any of the 4 general symptoms during you attack diagnoses you suffering from anxiety/panic attacks. The various general symptoms are stated below:

Palpitations: Fast beating or pounding of heart
It involves irregular or regular beating of heart with abnormal intensity. You can easily feel your own heartbeat and also sometimes stopped or skipped heart beats. It can also be felt in any of the area where an important and a large vein passes such as neck, thorax and throat. It is sometimes accompanied by several emotions such as fear and excitement. If you are experiencing these palpitations during strenuous exercise, or due to the onset of strong emotions, then you don't have to worry its pretty normal.
Pain in the chest or severe discomfort
Normally when people suffer from chest pains they get instantly very afraid as severe chest pain is associated with "heart attack". During these sharp jolts of pain you may feel heaviness, discomfort or pressure in the chest. But If you are suffering from such chest pains you don't have to get afraid so easily it can easily be a symptom of something totally unrelated to heart.

Nausea and Vomiting

This is the second most common symptom in those people who are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks. It's a feeling or sensation of onset of vomiting with a very bad taste in mouth. Both of these functions are controlled by the part of the central nervous systems that control all the involuntary bodily functions. Normally vomiting is a reflex action which can be triggered by smell, taste, pain or anxiety

Shortness of Breath Difficulty Breathing

Sometimes we get a feeling of choking, difficulty breathing or not being able to get enough air. This is a result of important parts of the body not being able to get enough oxygen. This can be caused by emotional distress or in some medical conditions such as asthma.

Trembling or Shaking

This occurs when we lose control of our voluntary nervous system which results in constant shaking of our body, trembling. It is more visible in outer extremities such as the hands and legs. But in severe cases it can be found all over the body, with you not even being able to stand firmly on the ground.

Sweating and excessive perspiration

Well this is the most common symptom of anxiety and panic attacks. When you are in a socially compromising or embarrassing situation you feel your palms going wet, whole lot of sweating from your forehead this is excessive perspiration. In case of anxiety attacks their intensity is increased 10 times and their onset is also really sudden and it is found all over the body.

Facial Blushing/Erythrophobia

Erythrophobia is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli.   It can come on in any stressful situation, for example public speaking.   You are anxious and nervous, your body temperature increases and your heart rate speeds up.  You shake, tremble, have a shortness of breath and you might even feel nausea.

Stop Blushing Cure

Hmmmmmm...if you hadn't noticed, every symptom of Erythrophobia were those of the same as a general Anxiety Attack.   Think about this.  What situations do you find yourself feeling an anxiety attack coming on?  Do you blush?  Does the very thought of blushing want to make you want to blush more?  Are you worried about what people are thinking of you?  Are you worried that you are turning red, blushing and possibly even sweating?

If so, you may have narrowed your anxiety attatck problem to a case of Erythrophobia!  Erythophobia is treatable, and the beauty of it is that the symptoms go away before the actual phobia does!  I know that sounds strange, but sometimes if you focus on your actual symtoms and treating those, you find yourself stopping making excuses for yourself and finally allow yourself to get help! Covering them up with a medical term like "Anxiety Disorder" is too easy.  Your doctor can quickly diagnose you and write you a prescription and send you on your way, but the truth of the matter is you will not find comfort in knowing that you have conquered your actual "phobia"!  

So its time to put on your big girl or big boy pants, and start learning about your new phobia my friend.  Erythophobia.  Yes, the phobia your doctor doesn't want you to know about, because they can't write you off a prescription and send you on your way.  Nope, there's no money to be made in this department of phobias!   But don't worry, now that you have a good idea of what you most likely are suffering from after all, you can  now treat it!  The internet is a beautiful thing my friends, use it =)  That's E-r-y-t-h-r-o-p-h-o-b-i-a.

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Was your Facial Blushing misdiagnosed as Gloss phobia?

Fear of public speaking or gloss phobia is a very common problem today, most people no matter what age they are, from 15-55 do have some fear of public speaking. Some people have a much easier time getting over it, but some people get stuck and are not able to solve their fear of public speaking.  It doesn't matter that we work alone or with a number of people, a time will come when you will have to speak in front of large number of people to get some jobs done. Its even more important for leaders, especially those who want to be really successful that they are able to speak to groups of people both large and small.

Stop Blushing Cure

Gloss phobia, or better known as Fear of public speaking, may represent itself with many symptoms, which may be non-verbal, verbal or physical. Most common physical symptoms include increased heart rate, acute hearing, dilated pupils, increased blood pressure and dry mouth. Among the many verbal symptoms that may present itself the most common ones are tense and quivering voice, constant repetition of 'uhhs' and 'Ahhs' that seem to comfort the distressed speaker. The interesting thing to note here is that people suffering from these symptoms only when they are asked to speak on stage, some of the people who suffer from fear of public speaking have no problems in dancing on stage or perform on stage as long as they don't have to speak. In a nutshell the most common starting symptoms are:

  • Intense anxiety either before or just at the thought of speaking in front of a large group of people
  • Tendency to avoid those gatherings that try to focus on the individuals present at that time
  • Nausea physical distress or panic
  • Constant Blushing, redness of the face and increased heart rate and temperatue.
Although a clear cause for the fear of public speaking has not been diagnosed, but according to some specialists can be attributed to the below mentioned causes:
  • Single or multiple traumatic incidents either connected to them personally or to someone they know
  • If you are avoiding public speaking for a long time, over a long time t may evolve into a severe form of glossophobia
  • A series of beliefs that have formulated in early life about incompetence or failure involving public speaking.
Erythrophobia. Erythrophobia is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli. Even though Erythrophobia isn't one of the most widely recognized phobias in our society, it is fairly common among people who exhibit a fear of public speaking. 

Stop Blushing Cure

Most of the thoughts of anxiety stems from the thoughts of failure and fear of incompetence, Also some people harbor self-defeating thoughts, in which they picture themselves failing in certain situations. These situations are normally those which hold a great importance to the speaker and in which he's the centre of attention.

There are many organizations and specialist that provide help to those who want to get rid of their fear of public speaking. Organizations like Toastmasters International, Association of speakers cub specialize in programs pertaining to the fear of public speaking. In terms of medicine there are some beta blockers available in the market that can help people ease their stress and help them relax while they are in a situation involving public speaking.

 However, if you suffer from a fear of public speaking, but you turn red (blush), you feel hot (body temperature rises and heart rate increases) and the very thought of blushing and turning red makes you blush even more which in return makes you more anxious and worried, you may suffer from a simple case of Erythrophobia.   You see, sometimes treating the symptoms will treat the phobia itself!  Many people with a fear of public speaking have conquered their fear once their confidence sky rocketed after they treated their blushing problem. 

Once you get up there and are NO longer nervous and worried about what you look like and what people are thinking about you, because you aren't blushing redder than a tomato anymore, you will find that your anxiety has dropped tremendously and you will be able to perform and speak with complete and total confidence because you FEEL and LOOK good, and you know it!   So before jumping to conclusions and thinking that your social career is over, please don't overlook blushing treatments.  They just might save your confidence and your career!

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Facial Blushing a Social Anxiety Symptom or is Social Anxiety a Facial Blushing Symptom?

Social Anxiety or Social anxiety or social phobia is referred to as social anxiety considerable distress and some problems during normal functioning of daily life. It may either be diagnosed as a specific disorder according to some specific situations or a generalized disorder. Generalized disorder is characterized by a constant, intense and chronic fear of being evaluated by others and not having any confidence in his or her action due to the fear of constant embarrassment and failure. This chronic fear is either through a perceived or actual constant scrutiny by others. Although these fears may seem totally irrational to some of us who perceive it, these are very hard to over come.

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  • For a person to be scientifically diagnosed with social anxiety disorders he or she should meet the below mentioned criteria:
  • There is clearly foreseeable and marked fear of situations in which the person has to interact with totally unrelated and unknown individuals
  • Any chance of a public or social response provokes a severe anxiety attack
  • The involved person is totally aware that the fear is totally irrational.
  • Although a social situation is always avoided, if endured is totally in dread.
  • The avoidance, fear or anticipation of such a situation severely affects person's normal routine in daily life.
  • For individuals under the age of 18 it should persist for more than 6 months.
  • Irrational fear should not be a physiological effect of any drugs or medicine and should not be diagnosed under any other medical condition.


The symptoms of this disorder can be categorized into mainly three aspects; Cognitive aspects, Behavioral aspect, Physiological aspect. We will discuss them one by one.

Cognitive aspects: In this aspect the sufferer consistently fears dread over how he represented himself to others, due to this they become overly self conscious. They always pay high attention to what ever they are doing and set very high standards for themselves. The sufferer constantly tries to put a good impression on others, but after every encounter he feels he has not been able to succeed in doing so.  They constantly over analyze the situation and look for the slightest possibility of where they may have been embarrassed or humiliated.

Behavioral aspects:  The fear of any situation social or public leads to the sufferer undergoing many behavioral changes which exceed the boundaries of shyness and enter into the realm of constant social avoidance and occupational impairment. This also leads to the surfacing of many physical symptoms such as stomach pain, dry mouth, sweating and various others. The sufferer also constantly tries to avoid any eye contact and you will also be able to see constant shaking. 

Erythrophobia:  Facial blushing or erythrophobia is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli. Even though Erythrophobia isn't one of the most widely recognized phobias in our society, it is fairly common among people who exhibit social anxiety symptoms and is just starting to become more and more accepted as a real phobia and certainly an overlooked, but more and more common in todays patients.  Ask anyone with Social Anxiety if they suffer from facial blushing, and most definitely all of them will tell you Yes.  I believe if we start treating more patients with blushing problems, as a special group of individuals who need different treatment than those who don't suffer from blushing problems, we would see a lot more different characteristics between the two groups that must each be treated differently.   I believe by getting to the root cause of blushing, and treating those issues specially rather than just categorizing them in to a group who have social anxiety - the success rate of treatment would skyrocket.  Patients who have constant blushing problems from shyness, embarrassment, or other stressful situations should not be put on medication for social anxiety.   Their blushing problems may physically worsen, thus contradicting the entire purpose of treating the anxiety in the first place. 

Physiological aspects: These are essentially the same that we encounter during an anxiety attack. In children there is a constant weeping and throwing tantrums and also shutting themselves out. In adults it may lead to tears, nausea, palpitations, chest pain and other symptoms.

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Although there are no definite theories about the cause of social disorders, with advancement of neurosciences several theories have been put up into the air. Some of them have been summarized below
Some scientists believe that if social awkwardness is present in your family tree, it's most probable that you will also inherit it. It has been linked to the working of some kind of genes.

Family factors also play an important role in the advent of social disorders; it is much more likely for a person coming from a highly disturbed childhood to develop such kind of social awkwardness. Also children who have had a bad bonding with their mothers are twice as likely to develop social disorders

A previous negative social experience involving the person being humiliated or embarrassed may put the person totally in fear of social gatherings and occasions

Some substances like drugs, benzodiazepines, alcohol when used in excess also play an important part in inducing social awkwardness, especially when someone who is addicted tries to dry himself from all these substances.


Most of the successful treatments are totally depended on the early diagnosis of that disorder. As social disorders are not given due importance during primary care, they are usually diagnosed after they set of complications such as clinical depression and also substance abuse. Some of the major and common treatment methods involve Psychotherapy, involving group sessions with other people who suffer from the same kind of disorders. You share your experiences with them try to speak among those people and get your confidence back online. There also a technique that involves gradual public exposure that sometimes can be really unpleasant but if used properly can be highly successful.

Pharmacological treatments involve intake of a specific class of drugs called as SSRI's, Selective Serotonin reuptake Inhibitors, this the first choice when it comes to drugs for the treatment of generalized social phobias. Other drugs that can be used are selective benzodiazepines, and RIMA's Reverse Inhibitors of Monoamine oxidase subtype A.

Ultimately it depends on the individual and their symptoms.  I believe that symptoms must really be taken in to consideration before looking to treat or diagnose Social Anxiety in any form.  Sometimes, if you take away the symptoms, you will take away the anxiety.   However, people are so narrow minded these days on looking at it vice versa that medication is the first thing that comes to mind when looking to treat any disorder for that matter.  However, if we start looking more carefully at the actual symptoms and diagnosing and treating the symptoms one by one, you may find that cause for medication may not be in check after all.

Stop Blushing Cure

Is Facial Blushing the Cause of Social Anxiety in 13% of the Population?

There are many varying types of causes to anxiety attacks with no common origin. These causes can range from external mental, emotional stimuli to medical and biological issues. There are so many things that can cause anxiety attack that is why it's so important to find out what the exact cause for your anxiety attack is.
First of all and the main cause for an anxiety attack is substance abuse, medicinal and pharmacological causes. These can include a variety of drugs including LSD, Alcohol, Marijuana, psilocybin ( a common drug extracted from mushrooms) and various other stimulants for example nicotine, caffeine, amphetamine. It's also a side effect of a very common drug known as Ritalin. Some people suffer from a constant phobia of certain drugs, so if these drugs are prescribed to them they may suffer from a sudden onset of an anxiety attack.

Stop Blushing Cure

There are also a multitude of mental and emotional causes to your anxiety attacks. Ranging from the avoidance of an anxiety provoking social situations, sometimes just an irrational generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), mistaken beliefs, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sometimes a very serious or an emotionally challenging life changing experience, such as molestation, rape, loss of a loved one can also lead to a social awkwardness and anxiety attacks in pressure situations.
Sometimes your anxiety attack is a symptom to an underlying medical problem. These medical problems range from thyroid gland problems, hormonal imbalance, inner ear problems (labyrinthitis), Wilson's disease, an adrenal gland tumor or a prolapsed mitral valve. According to some beliefs your hereditary is also to blame if you are suffering from anxiety disorders as they have been reported to be consisted in a family tree. Their origins have been found to be hiding in the human genome. Sometimes an overly cautious family environment with over protective children can also lead to the child developing poor social skills, and showing problems in public situations. In some situations deficiency of Vitamin B due to the presence of tapeworm has also acted as a trigger.

From all the above causes we have learnt that anxiety attacks can develop from just about any source and that we are not to blame for this. It's also very important not to feel shameful about your attacks and talk to a specialist about it, as this could be a symptom of something much serious, like a prolapsed mitral valve. If it has inherent mental causes it can be easily overcome with some daily dose of medicines and group psychotherapy and you don't have to bear the painful sensations for the rest of your life.
Anxiety Attacks however, do not have to be so complex.  It can be a simple fear of public speaking that brings on an anxiety attack, or any other stressful situation that will vary from one person to the next.  Some people who are less confident than others may suffer from shyness, which can also be the root cause of an anxiety attack.  Sometimes this can be also referred to as social anxiety.  There are many symptoms of social anxiety, such as increased heart rate, Erythrophobia, sweating, public speaking fears, racing heart, upset stomach, fainting, and many others that will vary from one person to the next.

Stop Blushing Cure

A Social anxiety disorder is actually of the more common of anxiety disorders, affecting approximately 13% of the world population. Those with social anxiety disorder tend to feel quite nervous or uncomfortable in social situations. They're very concerned that they'll do something embarrassing or humiliating, and that others will think negatively of them. These people are typically quite self-conscious and constantly feel "on stage."
There are many treatments available other than medications, in fact with the internet there are so many other options available for the treatments of not only the disorders itself but also the symptoms. For example, blushing and also Erythrophobia (a FEAR of blushing), has become a widely confronted problem that many are facing today.  It not only affects their self esteem, but it also affects the way they progress when receiving treatments for types of anxiety disorders.  For example, it is difficult to conquer your fear of public speaking if you have a fear of blushing, which then tends to lead to blushing itself, because you are thinking about it and thinking about what others are thinking of you, and so on.  Ultimately the person needs to work on one issue at a time.  Baby steps is the most successful way in treating anxiety disorders, because there really are so many different factors at play.

Stop Blushing Cure

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Facial blushing: Causes and Cures

Facial blushing: Causes and Cures

Author: Tomas Clark

If you've looked for facial blushing treatments and found this particular article, then the likelihood will be that you've asked yourself about this problem several, several times. Why do we blush? Precisely what purpose really does this pointless thing have? Why is facial blushing ruining my power to maintain normal social interactions? You might well be sick of wondering to yourself about this question. After all, who cares exactly why all of us blush? All we truly care about are the steps to make facial blushing stop for good!
The effects associated with the problem will be more embarrassing, as well as far more aggravating compared with the biological origin of blushing, so you may feel like understanding exactly how blushing works is insignificant as well as unimportant, and a detour on the journey to obtaining a blush-free lifestyle. Regrettably, this couldn't be further from the actual reality.
Comprehending exactly what literally occurs in our bodies when blushing is a crucial step in counter-acting this way of thinking. Why? It's quite simple actually. The human race is actually trained to be scared when it comes to what we do not to understand. It's helped all of us make it through plenty of situations in prehistoric times in which there practically seemed to be danger around every corner, and it helped in our survival to fear what most people didn't know now was without a doubt safe.
That is the origin of several modern-day blushing problems. The body is still hard wired for before society evolved, basically for times when we lived off the land and hunted wild animals. Unfortunately, we can't tell our bodies just to turn off those pre-historic instincts, the only time that there has been a change is through the process of evolution, and it would actually take thousands of years for those genes to change and realise that we don't need some of these functions any more. We might try to tell our bodies over and over again, but they will always keep doing their normal functions, thinking that it is still vital to us surviving.
Are you still afraid of your facial blushing it may be because you do not fully understand it? Then you might try to box up your facial blushing away in the back or your mind. However, if you understand what facial blushing is, then you will be able to see facial blushing for what it really is: Harmless!
Also, being afraid of facial blushing attacks can make blushing even worse and more intense, as well as make you much more likely to blush. If you understand that the initial step to halting this blushing wave is to stop fearing it, and the first step to halt being afraid of blushing is to understand your facial blushing.
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/facial-blushing-causes-and-cures-3829449.html
About the Author

If you are like me then you are unsure of what product to put your trust in and don't want to spend weeks on a cure only to find it doesn't work, well i have taken all the guess work out for you. I personally reviewed the top 3 cures available on the market so you can find out everything you need to know before deciding on which treatment to take. I strongly suggest you check out the review: Facial Blushing Treatment Top 3 cures reviewed.
It will save you worthless weeks of effort and having to spend your hard earned money on scams and frauds don't get cheated by scams and check out the review now.

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Facial Blushing Treatment: Top 3 Cures Reviewed

Hey Guys,

I thought i would try out the top 3 facial blushing treatments and cures for you so you are not lead on by cheesy promotions or fancy gimics! I personally tried out all of these and i reviewed them below. Hopefully this will be the last place you have to look for a solution to your facial blushing forever!!

Facial Blushing Treatent 1: (4 Stars)

In Blushing Breakthrough Jim Baker introduces his detailed method for overcoming social anxiety and stopping facial blushing. There are four basic steps to this method. Each of these steps is covered thoroughly, so you won’t be left hanging, wishing you had more information.

1. Understanding: Your problem may seem insurmountable. However, if you properly understand the biology and physiology of the issue, you will realize that it is anything but.

2. Control Your Mind: The mind is the most important organ in the body. You’ll find some simple steps to slowly take control of your own mind and tell it that you don’t have a problem.

3. Control Your Body: You may think that facial blushing is mainly a mental problem, but as you know the mind and the body are intricately connected! Here, you’ll find some tips to use your body as a tool for curing facial blushing.

4. The Next Level: You should never stop learning and improving yourself. In here, you’ll find some pointers for taking your newly-developed social skills to the next level and become the social butterfly you always wanted to be.

It thought me that all of our time on this earth is precious and to stop wasting it by being anxious and blushing. Read this book, practice the steps and you’ll be able to take advantage of your time sooner than you thought.

Find out more about the Blushing Breakthrough method at The Blushing Breakthrough

Facial Blushing Treatment 2: (3 Stars)

How to stop blushing - the audiobook

This is a good product....it is incredibly deep, honest and insightful.....it shows in depth how facial blushing, deemed irrelevant by those who have never suffered, can devastate lives. There approach to solving this problem is very structured, methodical and makes perfect sense. I started to implement the changes needed....already I can see big improvements in how I handle the daily challenges this problem throws at me.

But to be honest with you i didnt love this! It was a little bit wishy washy if you know what i mean. It is just an audiobook, which is good, but i would have loved an ebook aswell. Some of the instructions were not crystal clear. Compared to the other two facial blushing treatments this just didnt stand up for me so hence the rating!

But you can still check it out here if you want: How to stop blushing

Facial Blushing Treatment 3: (5 Stars).....This Ones My Favorite!!

While looking for something to help myself through this problem I had of horrible facial blushing, I came across 'Stop Blushing... Start Living' over at The Stop Blushing Cure.

Now typically I'm not easily sold on "one page" websites, maybe it was my desperate attempt to find an actual "cure" for m facial blushing, but after reading what the author went through, I felt like she was talking about me. Call me an easy target, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't impressed with her personable and honest approach. So out of a desperate attempt to get my life back, I eagerly clicked on the 'buy it now' button and reached for my plastic savior!

The e-book itself is very detailed in its approach and has approximately 49 pages of actual content in total. It deals with every aspect of facial blushing in separate sections, so it's very easy to find what you are looking for. Right from the beginning it talks about different scenarios in which you might get really uncomfortable in regards to your problem with facial blushing. In all honesty, you feel like you're reading sections of your life in this eBook, which really built my confidence towards the book itself. It's not often I feel that I can talk to people about this problem, let alone feel like I can relate to someone who knows exactly what I'm going through. This itself was refreshing, in fact I felt I was being healed already! Ha-ha, don't worry though, there's more to it than this.

By the time I reached the everyday possible facial blushing causes part I was really amazed as to how well researched the book was. It had more than 50 possible causes which could cause facial blushing; I never knew that eating spicy food could have an effect on facial blushing! It also gave information about the various dangerous diseases that had excessive facial blushing symptoms. It also brought a smile to my face when I got to know that people who blush a lot are more intelligent than people who do not, I thought Thank God, at least something positive comes from this!

There's at least one silver lining to facial blushing. It deals with the physiology of facial blushing like a real pro, not getting too complicated while explaining as to how and why facial blushing occurs; it takes care of people like me who really have no knowledge of how the human body works.

While talking about the various treatments for facial blushing it gives you detailed information about each facial blushing treatment you can take and highlights there positives and negatives so that you can make a proper decision for yourself. It has just about every type of facial blushing treatment that you can think of right from home remedies to surgeries to medicinal treatments like beta blockers and hemorrhoid creams. It even talks about an unconventional and a new way of tackling facial blushing i.e. Hypnosis/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for this it comes with an audio program which instructs you to utilize hypnosis to get rid of your facial blushing problem. It also explains how acupuncture can also help you with blushing and gives you an in-depth view of the various types of acupuncture techniques that you can try and which one will be the best for you.

It speaks clearly that you should be prepared with all the answers before visiting your doctor, as that will prevent misdiagnoses. It also spells out clearly that anxiety disorders and phobias may also be a cause for your blushing and what you can do to fight these. In the end it talks about how your life will change when you will conquer blushing, it sets out goals that keep you motivated to get rid of your blushing. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has been looking for ways to get rid of his or her facial blushing. Even if you are not, give this book a try, it's an interesting read and you will not regret it. It's 10 on 10 from my side for this eBook. I've never come across anything like this before, so it is quite unique, not something that you can easily find at your local bookstore, that's for sure. So for anyone suffering from facial blushing, for whatever reasons, this e-book will give you an in depth analysis as to why you are suffering and how to stop that facial blushing Forever!

I walked away with several facial blushing treatments from this eBook that I currently apply to my life now, but I feel that even without reading the eBook, a person would still benefit tremendously from the hypnosis audio program alone! Even before listening to the hypnosis program included in my purchase, I was already a strong believer in hypnosis therapy. In fact I used hypnosis to help me stop smoking, it worked with successful results. Hypnosis is a powerful technique in aiding all types of addictions, bad habits and other personal struggles we may feel are beyond our control. Therefore, when I read that this product included a hypnosis audio, I was sold instantly.

I'm not saying this thing will work to cure facial blushing in every single case, but with all the different methods discussed throughout the book, not to mention the hypnosis program, I honestly think there's a very good chance that it will in fact work for you simply because it worked for me! So if you are indeed suffering from blushing, it is my firm recommendation that you give this eBook a shot! For a measly 37 bucks followed with their iron clad guarantee, it's virtually risk free. And just imagine what your life will be like when you are finally free! Here is where you can get it:
Stop Blushing Cure

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