Monday, December 20, 2010

Was your Facial Blushing misdiagnosed as Gloss phobia?

Fear of public speaking or gloss phobia is a very common problem today, most people no matter what age they are, from 15-55 do have some fear of public speaking. Some people have a much easier time getting over it, but some people get stuck and are not able to solve their fear of public speaking.  It doesn't matter that we work alone or with a number of people, a time will come when you will have to speak in front of large number of people to get some jobs done. Its even more important for leaders, especially those who want to be really successful that they are able to speak to groups of people both large and small.

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Gloss phobia, or better known as Fear of public speaking, may represent itself with many symptoms, which may be non-verbal, verbal or physical. Most common physical symptoms include increased heart rate, acute hearing, dilated pupils, increased blood pressure and dry mouth. Among the many verbal symptoms that may present itself the most common ones are tense and quivering voice, constant repetition of 'uhhs' and 'Ahhs' that seem to comfort the distressed speaker. The interesting thing to note here is that people suffering from these symptoms only when they are asked to speak on stage, some of the people who suffer from fear of public speaking have no problems in dancing on stage or perform on stage as long as they don't have to speak. In a nutshell the most common starting symptoms are:

  • Intense anxiety either before or just at the thought of speaking in front of a large group of people
  • Tendency to avoid those gatherings that try to focus on the individuals present at that time
  • Nausea physical distress or panic
  • Constant Blushing, redness of the face and increased heart rate and temperatue.
Although a clear cause for the fear of public speaking has not been diagnosed, but according to some specialists can be attributed to the below mentioned causes:
  • Single or multiple traumatic incidents either connected to them personally or to someone they know
  • If you are avoiding public speaking for a long time, over a long time t may evolve into a severe form of glossophobia
  • A series of beliefs that have formulated in early life about incompetence or failure involving public speaking.
Erythrophobia. Erythrophobia is a sudden reddening of the face that occurs spontaneously or in response to stressful stimuli. Even though Erythrophobia isn't one of the most widely recognized phobias in our society, it is fairly common among people who exhibit a fear of public speaking. 

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Most of the thoughts of anxiety stems from the thoughts of failure and fear of incompetence, Also some people harbor self-defeating thoughts, in which they picture themselves failing in certain situations. These situations are normally those which hold a great importance to the speaker and in which he's the centre of attention.

There are many organizations and specialist that provide help to those who want to get rid of their fear of public speaking. Organizations like Toastmasters International, Association of speakers cub specialize in programs pertaining to the fear of public speaking. In terms of medicine there are some beta blockers available in the market that can help people ease their stress and help them relax while they are in a situation involving public speaking.

 However, if you suffer from a fear of public speaking, but you turn red (blush), you feel hot (body temperature rises and heart rate increases) and the very thought of blushing and turning red makes you blush even more which in return makes you more anxious and worried, you may suffer from a simple case of Erythrophobia.   You see, sometimes treating the symptoms will treat the phobia itself!  Many people with a fear of public speaking have conquered their fear once their confidence sky rocketed after they treated their blushing problem. 

Once you get up there and are NO longer nervous and worried about what you look like and what people are thinking about you, because you aren't blushing redder than a tomato anymore, you will find that your anxiety has dropped tremendously and you will be able to perform and speak with complete and total confidence because you FEEL and LOOK good, and you know it!   So before jumping to conclusions and thinking that your social career is over, please don't overlook blushing treatments.  They just might save your confidence and your career!

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