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Is Facial Blushing the Cause of Social Anxiety in 13% of the Population?

There are many varying types of causes to anxiety attacks with no common origin. These causes can range from external mental, emotional stimuli to medical and biological issues. There are so many things that can cause anxiety attack that is why it's so important to find out what the exact cause for your anxiety attack is.
First of all and the main cause for an anxiety attack is substance abuse, medicinal and pharmacological causes. These can include a variety of drugs including LSD, Alcohol, Marijuana, psilocybin ( a common drug extracted from mushrooms) and various other stimulants for example nicotine, caffeine, amphetamine. It's also a side effect of a very common drug known as Ritalin. Some people suffer from a constant phobia of certain drugs, so if these drugs are prescribed to them they may suffer from a sudden onset of an anxiety attack.

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There are also a multitude of mental and emotional causes to your anxiety attacks. Ranging from the avoidance of an anxiety provoking social situations, sometimes just an irrational generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), mistaken beliefs, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Sometimes a very serious or an emotionally challenging life changing experience, such as molestation, rape, loss of a loved one can also lead to a social awkwardness and anxiety attacks in pressure situations.
Sometimes your anxiety attack is a symptom to an underlying medical problem. These medical problems range from thyroid gland problems, hormonal imbalance, inner ear problems (labyrinthitis), Wilson's disease, an adrenal gland tumor or a prolapsed mitral valve. According to some beliefs your hereditary is also to blame if you are suffering from anxiety disorders as they have been reported to be consisted in a family tree. Their origins have been found to be hiding in the human genome. Sometimes an overly cautious family environment with over protective children can also lead to the child developing poor social skills, and showing problems in public situations. In some situations deficiency of Vitamin B due to the presence of tapeworm has also acted as a trigger.

From all the above causes we have learnt that anxiety attacks can develop from just about any source and that we are not to blame for this. It's also very important not to feel shameful about your attacks and talk to a specialist about it, as this could be a symptom of something much serious, like a prolapsed mitral valve. If it has inherent mental causes it can be easily overcome with some daily dose of medicines and group psychotherapy and you don't have to bear the painful sensations for the rest of your life.
Anxiety Attacks however, do not have to be so complex.  It can be a simple fear of public speaking that brings on an anxiety attack, or any other stressful situation that will vary from one person to the next.  Some people who are less confident than others may suffer from shyness, which can also be the root cause of an anxiety attack.  Sometimes this can be also referred to as social anxiety.  There are many symptoms of social anxiety, such as increased heart rate, Erythrophobia, sweating, public speaking fears, racing heart, upset stomach, fainting, and many others that will vary from one person to the next.

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A Social anxiety disorder is actually of the more common of anxiety disorders, affecting approximately 13% of the world population. Those with social anxiety disorder tend to feel quite nervous or uncomfortable in social situations. They're very concerned that they'll do something embarrassing or humiliating, and that others will think negatively of them. These people are typically quite self-conscious and constantly feel "on stage."
There are many treatments available other than medications, in fact with the internet there are so many other options available for the treatments of not only the disorders itself but also the symptoms. For example, blushing and also Erythrophobia (a FEAR of blushing), has become a widely confronted problem that many are facing today.  It not only affects their self esteem, but it also affects the way they progress when receiving treatments for types of anxiety disorders.  For example, it is difficult to conquer your fear of public speaking if you have a fear of blushing, which then tends to lead to blushing itself, because you are thinking about it and thinking about what others are thinking of you, and so on.  Ultimately the person needs to work on one issue at a time.  Baby steps is the most successful way in treating anxiety disorders, because there really are so many different factors at play.

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