Friday, May 27, 2011

Face Redness, How To Cure Face Redness

One of the most important factors for overcoming your face redness is for you to fully understand why it is we blush in the first place. Your has been hard wired over thousands of years to fear what we dont know. If your mind wanted to tell your body that it is unfimilar with the situation infront of it, and it wanted to take as much information in, then it would send a rush of blood to all the sensery organs.

This would include the eyes, ears, nose and mouth, basically it sends a whole load of blood to the face. Unfortunatly, this is a daily occurance in the modern day as we are constintly put in changing situations your body has not been used to.A conversation with a new boy or girl you like. Making a mistakes and being shouted at are all totally unique situations and varey every day.

So what can you do about all this? Is there anything we can do? Well the answer is Yes! It is a two fold operation as far as i am concerned regarding face redness.

First you must conquer your mind. It sounds a bit complicated but it is alot easier then it sounds. You can overthink the situation be shy and be overcome with face redness or you can say i am just going to be myself. I am going to do what i have always done. This way you are then working within a situation your body is used to and you will be in control of your face redness. A great aid in controlling how you think are programs that have hypnotherapy courses.

Second you must control your body. I find a few simple tricks work with this. Taking long, slow, deep breaths befors facing situations were face redness may be an issue. Also a healthy diet and regular excercise and invaluable.

These are just a few tips that i have been using along side complete treatments, and i can tell you that if you implement some of the steps you will end face redness forever!

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