Friday, March 11, 2011

Confessions of a Nervous Public Speaker

From as far as I can remember I always had a problem with public speaking. I remember when I was in school everybody would participate in annual functions and allocations while I used to sit in a corner of the class hoping that the teacher doesn't see me and call me to speak on the stage. I always tried to break free of this but I just couldn't.  This problem came with me to college; I couldn't take part in dramas or answer questions properly in the class. When I saw all the faces that were looking at me when I was going to speak a panic attack used to hit me. I couldn't see them eye to eye.

As I talked to my friends about my problem, I got to know that fear of public speaking is not so uncommon and everyone has it in their lifetime at one time or the other. Some people are able to get over it very easily, whereas some people like me get stuck with this problem for a long time. After talking to my friends I realized that, if I had properly faced my problem in school itself I would not be having the problem here in college. Then I decided to join some of the communities who had students like me, who had a problem of public speaking and started working on my problem, slowly working my way up. There are also various books that I consulted that helped me to get over this problem, they provided good information and allowed me to be at home and still work at my problem. One of those books was an eBook called "Stop Blushing...Start Living", that taught me about how to control my blushing during a panic attack.  It also explained the physiology of blushing very well.  I realized that I didn't just have an anxiety disorder, like my doctor once told me, but that I actually had Erythophobia, which is a fear of blushing.   The very thought of having to do anything publicly wasn't just a fear of public speaking like I always thought it was, it was actually Erythophobia.  You see Erythophobia is when you are nervous and anxious even before the situation you are stressed out about is happening, because you know even before it happens that you are going to blush and turn all red, you are going to be nervous, your heart will race, you are going to sweat and shake, and on and on.  I was basically setting myself up for failure even before it happened!  I was scared and nervous because I knew I was going to be scared and nervous!  I knew I was going to look like a tool and feel so embarrassed about it, that I was panicking about it even before it happened.  

Anyways, needless to say, I can now talk in front of other people now without the worries of blushing and all the other symptoms that came along with it.  I simply don't blush anymore and Im not scared of blushing anymore because I know how to literally stop my blushing before it happens.  The techniques that the ebook taught me were great.  Some of the things discussed in the book were common sense, and sure, some stuff I already knew, but ultimately I did learn specific exercises that stops me from blushing today.  I would recommend it to anyone who has this problem.  Especially if they think they have a fear of public speaking!   I think this ebook is perfect for people with a fear of public speaking, in fact I think it should be called how to be an expert public speaker! After I read this ebook and conquered my blushing problems, my public speaking just wasn't an issue for me anymore.  And man oh man, is that ever a great feeling!

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Now if I could only build up the confidence to start video blogging :P

Stop Blushing Cure

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